Coffee O’Clock Nacomi Coffee Scrub

It is coffee o’clock, and no, not for a cup of coffee. It is coffee o’clock of coffee underneath the shower. Not with a cup of coffee underneath the shower of course. I guess drinking underneath the shower is kinda hard haha. But it is coffee o’clock with the Nacomi Coffee Scrub.

For information about Nacomi and the Nacomi bath bomb, read my former article.

Nacomi Coffee Scrub

The smell is like real coffee, but also something sweet, I think it is chocolate. Maybe it smells even better than real coffee. But next to coffee, there is also sea salt, argan oil and cocoa butter in it. I didn’t expect that the scrub was dry because there are argan oil and cocoa butter in it. But when it gets wet it turns out as a nice scrub to use on your skin.

I like sweet shower products, and this is sweet, so that’s great for me. It surprised me how much you need of the scrub for my whole body. It was more than I expected. They said after putting the scrub on your skin, you need to leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. But it is so cold when you are wet and standing there in the shower without the hot water against your body. So I guess it was only on my skin for 1 minute. Maybe I can try it in the summer again. But even after that, it was only on my skin for one minute, it feels like I have a baby skin. It is so soft, I wish you could feel my skin through to screen to feel how soft my skin is right now. Okay, maybe that is a little bit weird.

To go to the Nacomi coffee scrub, click here.

THE sugar scrub AND ME

What do I think of the coffee scrub, what do I like and what do I absolutely dislike?
✓ It makes your skin soft.
✓ It is made of natural products.
✓ The price is €6,49
✓ The smell is so nice
You need to wait 5 to 10 minutes in the cold
X You have to take much of the scrub


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