Mystique Boutique NYC look jeans with off shoulder top

Hi girls, today I wear a summer Mystique Boutique NYC look, which is great for the hot days. Wednesday I went to a theme park named de Efteling, the weather was so hot and I decided to wear this look there. In the pictures above you can see me wearing the outfit in the Efteling.

 Maybe the look is familiar to you, this is possible because I won this look on a giveaway hosted by Mystique Boutique NYC and I really love this style so I decided to wear it all together. Mercedes (owner of Style it with Trix) used to wear high heels all day, but that is nothing for me. I wear this look with my Adidas Superstars, they are comfortable and they look good with it.

Mystique Boutique NYC look

Both brands of the clothes were new to me, but I love to explore new brands. The jeans are so soft and it feels so nice around my legs. I love the way it is ripped, that the model is 7/8 and the things below the pipes. The off shoulder top looks like what an off shoulder top has to be. I looked a long time for a top like this, blue is a nice color and the details on the arms are so cute. A top like this is very easy to style on jeans. It is an easy color, which makes it possible to wear it on denim, but also in other colors, like white or black. The fabric is one which dries quick, we went into a wild water course and we were so wet after it. But it dried very quick, which is amazing.

My opinion about this clothes

This is totally my style. I style it different than Mercedes does, I wear Adidas Superstars instead of Valentino heels. I wear my Return to Tiffany and Co. NYC necklace, she wears a Louis Vuitton lock. I wear Louis Vuitton sunglasses with big glasses and she wears pilot sunglasses. But having your own style is good. The clothes look amazing and they fit well, the fabrics are nice and the look itself looks so good. It is not the type of look I would wear to university or work, but during the hot days, it is so nice to wear it.

I styled these jeans also with the new Vogue Nederland shirt.

Xoxo Emma


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