My secret for beautiful long hair

Beautiful long hair, don’t we want it all? I do, but every time when it starts to grow, I get split ends and I need a haircut, and gone is my long hair. Loréal Paris just created a new hairline special for beautiful long hair, Elvive Dream Length. I tested these cremes for you tell you all about it.

Elvive Dream LenghtElvive dream lenght

The name of the new Loréal Paris line is Elvive Dream Lenght and exists of a restoring shampoo, a detangling conditioner and a no haircut cream. This new line wants to protect and recover your hair so you won’t have to visit the hairdresser that often and you can enjoy your long hair.

The line works for three things:
1. It reduced split ends;
2. It makes the hair strong; and
3. It gives the hair more shine.Elvive dream lenght

A small benefit of the no haircut cream, it protects your hair from temperatures till 180 degrees Celcius. So you can use this product and style your hair without damaging your hair. That’s great right?

My experience with this lineElvive dream lenght

I started using these products four weeks ago and I am happy with the way it works. My hair feels soft and healthy and styles great. During washing my hair, I use less shampoo and conditioner than normal, because I don’t have the feeling that I need to use that much. Since I started using the products I didn’t have the feeling that I had to go to the hairdresser even dough I know it was time to visit her again, sorry hairdresser. After four weeks I still didn’t see a reason why I should go, so that is a good thing for this shampoo, saves hair and money.Elvive dream lenght

The products are very easy to use and don’t give your a fat look or feeling. A tip I read in a brochure of Loréal Paris when you wash your hair do it with cold water because it lets your hair more shine. I have to say that I tried it with water which was way colder than normal, but not that cold, and my hair loved it. I don’t want to shower and wash my hair with very cold water I guess. But with the temperature, I showered a couple of times already I will continue.

Do you already know this new line? Have you ever washed your hair with cold water? Let me know and tell me your opinion.


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