Me time with a Nacomi bath bomb

Sometimes all you need is a bit time for yourself. Also known as me-time. You need to spoil yourself with good things, things you love. I had a good me time with a Nacomi bath bomb, chocolate, strawberries, champagne, and series. I love to spend my me-time with my bath and good bath products. It gives me a relaxing feeling and makes me happy.

Nacomi, the brand

Nacomi is a cosmetic brand which let you discover the treasures of nature by using natural products in their skin care. They use top quality raw materials, this also means that the products have to grow in a clean environment. There are no toxic chemicals in the products, but vitamin E to preserve the products, they are free from harmful preservatives and parabens, and all the ingredients have an EcoCert certification. Good thing, the products are allergen-free and have been dermatologically tested. And at least they get their ingredients from all over the world.

me time

Nacomi bath bomb

The bath bomb I used is the one with musk and roses. The bath bomb has a nice smell, and it looks good in the package. When you let it in the water, you see leaves of roses in the water. And when you touch the water you feel oil, which makes your skin so soft. When I saw the bath bomb with the grainy structure I didn’t expect that it would be oily. In the bath bomb, you’ll find shea butter and vitamins C and E. This products make your skin soft and that is what I felt when I got out of the bath tube. I love the roses in the bath bomb and how they are in the water. It looks so nice.

The bath bomb and me

What do I think of the bath bomb, what do I like and what do I absolutely dislike?
✓ It makes your skin soft.
✓ It is made of natural products.
✓ The price is €2,79 which is not expensive.
✓ The roses are so nice.
X It makes your bath oily.
X The leaves stay in the bath and when it is dry it is hard to get it out of the bath.


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