Lancôme Monsieur Big mascara

Lancôme has a new mascara and this is great because it Lancôme is my favorite mascara brand. When I heard about the new mascara named Lancôme Monsieur Big I had to go to the store to buy one. And so I did. I was tired of the waterproof mascara, so I had a good reason to buy this new one. The thing with waterproof mascaras is that it is harder to remove it. You cannot stand in the shower and remove it with your hands and with a normal mascara, you can do that. Yep, I am a lazy person.

Lancôme Monsieur Big

As I told you Lancôme is my favorite mascara brand, the one I used before this one was Hypnose. This mascara looks more elegant and more for a woman than Monsieur Big. But I think this is also because of the name. Monsieur is Mr in French, which makes it okay to have a more male look.

They have told me in the store that the mascara is more intense black than normal. That it gives fake lace effect because of the intense volume. And it will stay good on your laces for 24 hours. I won’t be able to say if the last thing is true because I don’t want to sleep with makeup on my face or staying awake that long. After one layer of mascara, your laces are black in a good way. Which is great because it saves a lot of time.

On the pictures, you see the mascara in two layers on my lashes. I cannot believe how big just two layers look on my lashes. It is never that big and black.

Would I recommend this mascara? Yes, this mascara is more expensive than a mascara in a budget store, but the quality is so much better. The price is €31,57 which is not cheap, but in my opinion, it is worth it. It makes your lashes so much longer and that’s pretty. For the Dutch people out here, Douglas has 25% discount on Lancôme.

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Xoxo Emma


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