How I take my me-time

Me-time, we need it all to relax and come to ourselves. We all want something else for me-time, so I want to tell you how I spend my me-time. And no, this is not in the gym, because that is working very hard, haha. Me-time is relaxing, doing nothing, and treat you. Not only with a chocolate cake, because eating this means a lot of work.

My me-time, relax


I love to watch series like Gossip Girl. Hit play and watch without using your brains. You can do this lazy on the chair, but also in a very hot bath. I prefer the hot bath because you burn a lot of calories there. Which is great, because you do nothing and you burn calories. When I sit in the bath, I love something to eat and to drink. Not champagne with chocolate like in the picture, but more tea with yogurt or quark mixed with fruit and nuts. Healthy but so good.


When I sit in the bath, I love to treat the skin of my face with scrubs and masks, I bought some masks at Sephora, this will follow soon. Next, to that, I want some nice products in my bath, like the bath bombĀ in my picture. But I also like some fruity soaps which give the room a tropical smell.

My me-time, baking

Fondant cake

I really love to bake, this is one of my really bad creatures, but the taste is very good and you can enjoy yourself the whole day by just making one cake. I also love to bake healthy stuff as you know, like banana bread, sugar free desserts and things like that. Baking is one of my pasions and I love to spend my time in the kitchen baking these things. You need to have a plan and thing it through, but next to that you don’t have to think, you have to do. And that’s why I love it.

How you do spend your me-time? Let me know!!


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