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On April 29 I was at the launch of the new menu of Baker and Moore and Baker’s Dough. These are two hotspots that you find in Rotterdam. Baker and Moore is a healthy hotspot, Baker’s dough is not, but occasionally you can cheat anyway? I will show you the new map on the basis of some wonderful photos. And I also have a super fun contest for you.

Baker and Moore x Luxe Life Lover

The new menu of Baker and Moore

From the menu I have been allowed to eat a lot in small quantities, the normal size I would never finish. At 2 o’clock we were allowed to come and luckily I did not have lunch, there were so many goodies to choose from. Carrot cake overnight oats, I have also made these myself, but they were very different. Chia pudding, I really did not know that this could be tasty. Different sandwiches, salads, and all new tasty drinks. We also had two desserts, we were allowed to choose snacks from Sue and Rose & Vanilla. And finally, we were allowed to fill a container with cookie dough from Baker’s Dough.

Here you can find the menu.

Baker and Moore cakes

The drinks and my plate

My favourite dish

This is a tough one, I really have so many goodies. This Wednesday I will have lunch with Eric and take a dish full sized, so making a choice is handy. Oatmeal is something I only eat in the morning, so if I would have lunch here, that would certainly be the big win, because oatmeal is just an incredibly tasty and healthy breakfast. But now for lunch, I would go for the Veni Vidi Vici sandwich, a sandwich with Spianata Romana (luxury salami), truffle mayo, a boiled egg, lettuce and pine nuts. I found this a very nice combination. As a salad, I found the season salat the tastiest, a vegan salad with lots of vegetables, including pumpkin. What am I going to take on Wednesday? The sandwich Veni Vidi Vici.

Baker’s Dough giveaway

During this event, we were allowed to put together a personal creation at Baker’s Dough and I can also give that same creation to someone.

What can you win?
Vegan cookie dough with blueberries, strawberry, nuts and cocoa nibs

This is a healthy version of the cookie dough and I have also opted for healthy toppings. I can tell you it was really great.

How can you win?
That is very simple, just go to my Instagram post below and you can win by following the steps below.

What do you think about the new menu and this delicious giveaway?


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