Gym vibes, my happy moments in the gym

Hi girls, you all know I spend a lot of time in the gym. Some people wonder why I spend so much time in the gym, well first for my body, but also because there is a lot of fun in the gym.  Today I want to share some of my happy moments in the gym with you. In the picture above you see the picture of lasts month summer body edition, this Wednesday I’ll post a new one.

Happy moments in the gym 1: “I love your clothes”

This is something that makes me happy because it is good to know that other person like your clothes. All my activewear is from the H&M because I love their sports clothes. It is not expensive, but it is so nice. When I first came into the gym I thought there were only bitches. But no, the most girls are really nice. In the fitting room, everybody talks to each other and it is just nice. Yesterday a girl came to me because she loved my pants and she wanted to know where I bought it. I like that. When I post a picture in my Insta story in the gym, I get many questions where I buy my activewear, so here it is, the H&M. Also, the top in the picture above is from the H&M.

Happy moments in gym 2; doing new things

Like I said last week on my blog about my breakfasts, I have an injury in my hip or my groin. This is so bad because I cannot do what I want, but the good thing is that you learn new things or you try other things to do. For example, I searched on the internet to do something my the muscles in my belly without using my legs. I kinda was too stupid to think myself if you use my legs with some exercises. But when I use the muscles where it hurt a lot so I didn’t want to try it. Well, it was hard to find a new workout to do. But I found one.

Here is are some of the things I do now, I also do crunches on a crunch machine, which is good for the muscles in your belly and I started doing a lot more cardio. The pictures above are not the best pictures, but I didn’t have a chance to make them myself.

Happy moments in the gym 3: the boys

I am a girl, so let me look at the hot boys standing there with sweat. You see their six-packs through their shirts. Their arms have are so good muscles that their shirts are too small, and go on. Wait, that’s not true, but it could be when I played in a movie or something.  I don’t like to see bodybuilders, but I like to see normal guys with good muscles. They are good looking but they are also kind. When you do something next to them, they like to talk to you. One time there was a guy on the stairway device and we motivated each other to continue. Well, I mostly motivated him, because he didn’t want to lose from a girl but okay.

And then we have my own gym guy, but he moved to another city, so we don’t see each other in the gym anymore. But in the beginning, we saw each other kinda daily in the gym. It was weird with him because from the first school day I saw him on the train. We never talked back then, when we started seeing each other in the gym

Next time I make the pictures on my own so they are better, but I couldn’t find someone to take the pictures for this blog. Too bad haha. What are your happy moments in the gym? Let me know!!


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