Food and your skin

A beautiful skin, we want it all right? But did you know that eating bad food can cause a skin we don’t want? Acne, blackheads, pimples and more things can be the reason of the bad food you are eating at the moment.

I told you in my blog from last Friday, about my first 28 days to get my body goals, that I have changed my eating habits. In the following weeks, I will tell you everything about my new diets because today is beauty day. But changing my eating habits was very good for my skin. It is way more equal, which is great.

No fats, carbs, and sugar

In order to lose some weight, I stopped eating the bad fats, fast carbs, and refined sugars. This is hard and it takes a lot of time, but I do it for the right reasons and it helped my skin to be more beautiful.

Good foods

I have to replace the food I don’t eat for new things, I eat more protein, blueberries, chicken, avocado, and other veggies, nuts, dried fruit and normal fruit and go on. In most of this products, you find every good thing for your skin. Which is great, because it is delicious, good for you and it makes you pretty.


Blue Berries

Blueberries give your eyes a clear view, it lets your skin shine and gives it more elasticity. It has something in it which works like anti-aging and it reduces the bags under your eyes. But most important it is very delicious. You can eat them in many different ways. With yoghurt and honey, in a homemade bread, in a salad or whatever you like.


Avocado toast

Avocado helps you to get easily rid of dead skin cells, detox the skin from poison and other bad things. And it is also very good for people who just got a scar. It also helps to make your skin more elastic. When you have a dry skin it is very good to put a smashed avocado on it. The mask will hydrate your skin and make it more beautiful. For the avocadolovers under us, eating is enough for the other things so a toast with a smashed avocado, salt, pepper and cherry tomatoes are good.



Just like the other two above are nuts also good for the elasticity of your skin. Nuts have many vitamins and minerals in them which are great for your skin, nails and hair. Eating 8 nuts a day is very good for you, walnuts are the best. But I am everything except a walnutlover so I eat my hazelnuts, pecan nuts and almonds. Almonds have the most protein in them and it is very nice in your overnight oats. Especially when you make it with nut milk.

What is your favourite of the things above and how do you eat them? Let me know in the comments!



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