Fitness motivation on Friday

It is time again for a new motivation post, given that the previous one was a very long time ago. This time I also have running motivation in between, this with the idea that running is a very good cardio to get fat burning started and you can do this outside. With this weather, it even succeeds me to commit myself and I must say that I really enjoy it. I believe that nobody really thought so.

Running motivation

Let’s start here first, hey, a whole new series of my motivation posts! Who knows, you may also find a motivation to start, go more often or continue as you already did. Do you often walk hard or do you find it difficult to persuade you?

Eat motivation

Eating healthy, making the right choices, it is so difficult. If you’re somewhere and they offer you something tasty, then that word “no” is so hard to say, but remember, you’re doing this for a purpose. Not every goal is easy to achieve, but every goal can be achieved. Here is some motivation for you to say no. Do you have too much trouble with this?



Just a little motivation

And to finish, I have a few workout motivation pictures and some other motivation, such as body goals and that kind of thing.


The pictures are all from Pinterest, do you want more motivation? Then follow my fitness motiavtion board on pinterest.


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