Fit goals

Woah, time flies. It is time for fit goals number 4. I could post this earlier this month, but because my belly hurts, I didn’t want to take pictures of it. Small celebration for me, I finally reached the 54 kilos and even in the evening, my weight was 55. I was so happy when I saw this on the scale.

Progress pictures

The pictures are made at another place than usual, at Eric’s balcony. A bit cold for this time, but not as cold as I thought it would be.

In my eyes, it looks better every month. These pants are less high than the others, so you see more of my belly and yes that makes your belly a bit more fat, but if you look at the other places, like underneath my sports bra, you can see the progress. I will continue sporting and eating healthy. Even during the holidays, when we have to enjoy, I don’t want to lose the focus on my body.

During Christmas I am skiing, so when I eat healthy there it will be OK. Skiing means being outside all day long and sporting all day long. So when I watch my food and don’t drink too much glue wine afterward, it has to be no problem.

More pictures

I am so happy with these sports clothes, I ordered it on Black Friday at Women’s Best. A nice shop if you ask me en especially for black Friday I got some extra stuff, like protein crisps and biscuits. I wonder how this tastes, especially the crisps, because it sounds a bit weird. When I have tried it, you will read a review about it. Stay tuned!!

Are you going to do some nice things during Xmas? How are you going to stay fit or won’t you focus on it and eat all those delicious foods? Let me know!!


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