Fit goals #5 with Tastea

It is time for a new post on my way to becoming fit. Today I tell you everything about the tea I started to use, but I also have more for you. I want to be super fit this summer and I have to work a bit harder and this tea is here to help me. 

Tastea – Skintight

Tastea Skintight

Tastea gave me a teacup and the Skintight tea. This tea has to help you lose weight and become skinnier. This sounds great, right? Well, that was that I thought when I read it. I know you cannot lose pounds that easy, so I didn’t expect that from this tea. But I felt the tea was working, when I have a cheat day, for example, Valentine’s Day, I am not even that heavy after all those bad foods. Next, to that, the tea has a nice flavor and you can drink it all day long. In the morning with your breakfast, or in the evening with your dinner, but for the best results, you need to start with the tea at breakfast.

The ingredients are: Pu Erh (a tea kind), ginger, black tea Lapsang Souchong, cinnamon pieces, orange peels, lemon peels, rose petals, cloves, and cardamon. On the website, I read many stories of people saying that they didn’t like the flavor in the beginning, but that’s not me. Probably because I am the type of girl who always drinks “weird” tea flavors according to some people. The tea is a bit spicy, but not too much, which is great.

The teacup is great, you can put it in your bag and you can carry it with you wherever you are going to. You have your warm tea everywhere now. Make sure your teacup is closed or otherwise your bag will be wet. Another great thing is that it is not too heavy like some other cups who keeps your drinks warm.

Click here to read more about the tea, or to order.

Body goals

This tea will help you to get closer to your body goals, but you cannot trust on drinking only the tea, you need to do more to lose some pounds. I started running like 1 time a week, 3 kilometers, but it is a start and I know I can do more, but this is a great start. Next, to that, I started focussing more on my food. I switched Nutella for Blue Band chocolate hazelnut cream without sugar. The flavors are alike and both taste great. But I also skipped other unhealthy things on this journey.

The tea I am drinking the most of the time is the one from Tastea, just because it tastes great and it helps me to get closer to my goals. Next, to tea I don’t drink much, my life exists mostly out of tea. Next, to that, I started with Herbalife as breakfast, I have Michael and Barbara Taeymans as coach. Later I’ll tell you everything about it.

This months outfit is from Hunkemoller and last months is from Women’s Best.

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Bodygoals with tasteaBodygoals with tastea

What do you think? And have you ever tried this tea yourself?

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