Eyebrow trends 2017, ridiculous or not?

Every year and season come with new makeup trends. New colors, new materials, brand new products and more. This autumn and winter we have some brand new eyebrow trends are these ridiculous or are they fabulous? And can YOU wear them or is it just for the pictures?

Feather brows

Feather brow

This one is the most natural one I guess and one you can wear, but I don’t think people will wear this to work or school or whatever. You can make this easily with some vaseline and a brush, especially for your eye brows. Make a small line at the end of your brow and your feather is done. This one is easy to make I think, but unless that you won’t see it in other places than Instagram or the catwalk I think.

Braided brows

Some pictures are more real than others. I don’t think it is possible to make the first one above because it looks like a real braid. Maybe you can make it with extensions for your eye brows, but I never heard of that before. The one above looks more unreal and that makes it also more ugly, but easier for us to create it. I want to try this just for fun, so stay tuned and you will see a picture on my Instagram soon. For this, I don’t expect to see people wearing this. It looks amazing on the internet, but you cannot do things with this, like school or work.

Colored brows

You can paint your brows in every color you like, but what is wrong with a natural color? I prefer my blond/brown brows and I will never make them in a color unless you do it for a party, maybe it can be very cool for that. It has something, but not for daily use. One thing is for sure when you wear this a party, you will be an eye catcher.

Carving eyebrows

carving brow

I guess this can be a new trend when you use more subtle colors. Purple and black are not the colors you should use to go to your work or school, but a light brown color can give it an awesome look I guess. When you go to a party you can use colors like purple, blue, green etc. and the hard colors like black and other dark colors. You have to make your brows on fleek with removing hairs, like waxing your brows, because otherwise, you don’t have the right effect. I don’t think it is hard to make, you only need something to make sharp lines, a bit of tape is a great tool to help you make sharp lines.

Would you ever wear one of this? Which one is your fav? Let me know in the comments.


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