Cute summery skirt with nice top

Last week I was with mom in Barcelona, where I bought a skirt at the Zara and new shoes at Toni Pons. When I returned to the Netherlands I found a shirt of in the kitchen with my name on it. This together made a cool summer look.

Later I will tell you all about my shirt from because I have a super fat shirt from them and with that shirt together in a post I will tell you everything about the clothes.

In Spain, Zara always seems to have different things than in the Netherlands, great and that’s why I like to shop at Zara’s abroad. I found this nice striped skirt with the Zara. I had not seen him in the store yet, but he is on the site!

In Barcelona I also got to know a new brand, Toni Pons, it turns out to be sold in the Netherlands. I bought this shop where they mainly sell handmade espadrilles, these black shoes. What were they in the beginning awful, typical espadrille, haha, but really they are now so delicious.

If you want espadrilles and you have the chance to buy them in Spain, you really have to do that, because it saves a lot of money whether you buy them here or there. It can save 15 to 20 euros on a standard pair. The easy thing about this type of shoe is that you can walk for miles on it, so you can sit and look nice, what else do you want? The running in is indeed done in this way because after only 10 minutes you notice that they are a bit looser and after an hour you do not want to take them out. Through the website, you can order them and in the store, I got a 10% discount card if you use the code: WELCOMEBACKSS18.

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