Coconut oil beauty hacks, what do I think?

Last week I told you about all the beauty hacks with coconut oil and today I share some of the hacks I tried. I tried the lip balm, body butter, face cream and makeup remover. Want to know what I think about it? Continue reading and I’ll tell you all about it.

Click here to read all the beauty hacks.

Coconut oil is very oily, okay it is oil so yes it is not weird. But putting it on your face as day cream is weird in my opinion. Nobody wants to walk with an oily face or something. But I had to give it a try and so I did.

Coconut oil look

Lip balm

I used a small amount of coconut oil and put it on my lips. It felt normal and not sticky or something like that. Also, it looks natural and it gives your lips a shiny thing. It also stays on your lips for a longer time and even after dinner. And it makes your lips so soft, that is the most important part for me. Normally I have to put my lip balm over and over again on my lips, but not with this one.

Makeup remover

This works better as lashes serum than as makeup remover for waterproof mascara. I only wear waterproof mascara’s during the holiday but I had to test this makeup remover and I can say it is not good as a waterproof eye makeup remover. But when you put it in your eyes you won’t feel it and that is a good point. AND it also makes your lashes softer and gives it more volume so don’t use it as a makeup remover but as a wonder cream for your lashes.

Face cream

I used this one because there was already very much on my face because I removed my mascara. It looked very oily in the beginning so I removed it with a paper towel. Not everything disappeared so I left it on my skin. Not much later it was dry and the oily look was gone and my face felt really soft. I never thought it would be like this, I thought I would look like a disco ball. Shiny all over my face because of the oil. But it looks good.

Body butter

Okay, I think I can better call it body oil but that doesn’t sound that nice. My hands and arms were very dry and that’s why I put it on my arms and hands. It was very oily in the beginning and I couldn’t type on my phone because I made it so oily, but not much later when it was all in my skin it felt soft and the pain from the dryness was gone.


I never thought it was this great, I will soon try the other beauty hacks because they can be nice as well. I didn’t know this was this great and it was, so I need to try it all. Okay yes, the makeup remover is not good for waterproof makeup, but next to that, it is good for all the other things I tried and I found a new thing why it is good.

What do you think? WIll you start using it too?



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