Clean face with Dermasence

A clean face is very important for beautiful skin without any unevenness. With all of us we use more and more make-up, our skin has a lot to undergo. Garnier started this week with the clean faces week and this article fits nicely within that week, only I use Dermasence and no Garnier.


Dermasence is a German beauty brand where healthy skin is central. To achieve this, they work with a color system, each color represents a skin type or condition. So you quickly and easily choose the line that suits you best. The products are assembled by a team of specialists and are available exclusively at pharmacies and specialists in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.

Dermasence mousse

For this review I received the mousse, he tackles the following skin types: acne, oily and shiny skin, seborrhoeic eczema and the mature skin that needs activation. This is how I started to see how this mousse is. The nice thing about the mousse is that a pump is sufficient for the whole face. You can choose whether you apply it with a cotton pad or your clean hands, after applying you should wash it with water.

The smell is not special, but just fine. What I really find an advantage of this mousse is that your face does not have glasses. I tried many mousses and my skin started to shine and that is not the case here. After using it I have the idea that my face is really clean and I do not need much to make it look beautiful.

My skin is quite fat and that is sometimes difficult to conceal, but that does this mousse with ease for me. In addition, I see that my skin looks calmer again. The mousse comes to me for what he promised.

For € 13.90 you can buy it from a pharmacy in your area.

What else do you need for a clean face

With a mousse alone you can not save a pretty face. It is important that you remove your makeup daily and clean your face twice a day. In the morning I first use this mousse which I apply with a cotton wool and remove with a washcloth with lukewarm water. Then I apply a tonic and finally a day cream. In the evening I do the same, only I first remove my make-up with make-up remover and replace the day cream for a night cream.

Do you already know Dermasence? And what do you use for your daily facial cleansing?


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