Cityday Amsterdam Dior shopping and the Avocadoshow

Hi girls, I went with my mom to Amsterdam and of course we had to shop. The birthday of my mom was a month ago and my dad gave designer sunglasses. My mom and I went to Amsterdam to buy them. We also went to the Avocadoshow for lunch, you know world’s only restaurant with avocado in every single meal.

Trying designer glasses

In Amsterdam, we have this big store which sells everything, named de Bijenkorf. They sell expensive brands, makeup, toys, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, just everything. It is so nice to walk through the store there. When we reached the sunglass hut we started trying sunglasses. So much fun, trying those weird ones, knowing you wouldn’t buy them. But also gorgeous ones, of course. We weren’t planning to buy sunglasses in that shop because we wanted to do it in the design shop itself, that is so much more fun than buying it in another shop.

So after trying the sunnies, we need to find out which one my mom was going to buy. First, we went to the Chanel shop to find more glasses there, but the ones my mom liked had mirror glasses in it and she didn’t like those. So we continued our way to Dior, this was the first glass she tried and she loved it. The glasses were so stunning on my mom, so she bought them.

And these are the sunnies my mom bought.

The fun thing in that store was that we went shopping before we got there. The weather was not the best one we could have had, so my bags were broken. The woman in the store saw that and she gave me a new bag. So I walked through Amsterdam with a Dior bag, it looked like I did buy awesome things there, but no.

The Avocadoshow

You are an avocado lover or you aren’t, well my mom and I are lovers. We love them so much and we wanted to go to the Avocadoshow for a long time, but every time we went to Amsterdam we didn’t go there. In the beginning, you had to wait a long long time there, and we didn’t want to wait that long. But because the weather was bad and not that many people were in Amsterdam, we visited it.

Read here more about my phone case.

We had to wait half an hour before we could get a table, lucky us, the coffee company was at the corner, so we grabbed a cup of coffee there. We went back and waited until we got a table. When we got one, we ordered our lunch, for me a poke bowl and more my mom a salad. Every meal did look so fabulous and perfect for a picture, and the taste was amazing too. We both loved it. If you are an avocado lover you must visit this restaurant once in your life, or more of course.

I really wanted to try all the desserts, but the food was so much, I didn’t have any space for 1 dessert. So I need to go back there and eat my dessert. Avocado ice cream, waffles with fruit, chocolate, and avocado, and at least a dessert with avocado, dates, citrus and anise seeds. Don’t sound that mouthwatering to you?

My Look

Top: Penn and Ink | Jeans: Zara Woman | Shoes: Adidas Superstar | Jacket: Vero Moda | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Charm: Michael Kors

Are you an avocado lover? Do you like designer brands? Let me know in the comments.

Xoxo Emma


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