Need college boost? Braincaps helps you, or not?

For the final exam students, the final exams are completed, for the graduates, the deadlines of the theses are met, but who knows you have another reason why you really need your concentration for studying.… View Post

My sleepingroom – duvet from

Something different than the usual, but today a post about my bedroom. There will be a number of posts about this, as I have just rebuilt it and would like to share my new things… View Post

Tips for a healthier Easter

Sunday is already Easter, the party for me that spring really starts, that’s why I see it a bit like the spring festival. However, this holiday also seems to be more like a dinner party,… View Post

3 Awesome sports bras from

When you are sporting it is the best to wear a sports bra, it supports your boobies the best and it sits better when you are sweaty. So today I share some of my favorite… View Post

Fit goals #3

A new month is here, so it is time to show my progress with you. I wanted to post this last week, but I didn’t feel good enough to take pictures of myself. This month… View Post