Apple syrup and oatmeal, back again

A few weeks ago I received a message if I wanted to receive products that are out of our buying pattern, they had been forgotten. This sounded very exciting and that’s why I wanted to… View Post

Cheat meal – Easter eggs

This post is only available in Dutch, but here you van find all the pictures of the amazing Easter Eggs of Libeert. What are you Easter plans?

Fit goals #6 with Herbalife breakfast

Since a while, I like it to try different things to get my perfect summer body. Last month I tried the skin tight tea of tastea, this month my Herbalife coach Barbara helped me a… View Post

Eating yourself beautiful with these foods

Don’t we all love food very much? Well, I do! Not every kind of food is good for you and your skin, like I told you before, click here to read that. But there are… View Post

Food and your skin

A beautiful skin, we want it all right? But did you know that eating bad food can cause a skin we don’t want? Acne, blackheads, pimples and more things can be the reason of the… View Post