I learned to let things go in my first month in Curacao, this is what.

Letting things go, I’m really bad at it. Yet I realized that certain things on this island are not possible. I had a choice, let them go and be happy here or focus me dead… View Post

Small waist with a hoop

Getting thin fast and easily, don’t we want that all? A small waist, a size smaller, less fat on your belly and a tighter tummy! Most people will tell you it is not possible to… View Post

Strength training, how does it work now?

Today something different than usual. I share some valuable tips and things you need to know about strength training, Charlotte told me. She has her degree in personal training and gained a lot of knowledge,… View Post

Fit goals #7 with detoxshop tea

In March was the last fit goals so a new update was time again. I march I enjoyed the Herbalife breakfast that I received from Barbara, last month I used a detox tea from detoxshop.nl.… View Post

Fit lifestyle motivation

It is time again for a new post full of fit lifestyle inspiration. Full of pictures of the best sports outfits, healthy food, and quotes that motivate me. The more motivation you find to make… View Post