Travel outfit at Blautopf

I finally got my driver licence and to celebrate that we went on a road trip to Milan. Our first stop was in the university city Ulm, nearby this city you find Blautopf. A beautiful… View Post

The way you should style the classic short

Last week I shared a post about a look with a classic short. Today I share some more outfit inspiration with you, but with a different pair of pants. I have two of my favorite… View Post

The truth behind the giveaways of Elsa & Rose

That not every contest is fair, we all know that, but Elsa & Rose Swimwear makes it a very special thing. That is why I like to reveal to you the way in which these… View Post

The Classic Short

The summer has officially started and that’s why I want to talk about summer pants that really cannot be missing in your summer patio robe. The Classic Short, you see him everywhere come over, probably you… View Post

It’s all about the details – Summery look

Black dresses, the little black dress, these dresses are actually very simple and sometimes a bit boring to wear. With a few small details you can make these dresses so stylish. That’s why I show… View Post