Cute summery skirt with nice top

Last week I was with mom in Barcelona, where I bought a skirt at the Zara and new shoes at Toni Pons. When I returned to the Netherlands I found a shirt of in… View Post

My Barca ready outfits

Perhaps you have already seen it on Instagram, but I have worn a lot of comfortable clothes in Barcelona which looked great too! That’s why I like to share all the ins and outs of… View Post

Never enough pink

Some girls like it, while others hate it. Pink clothes, I love them, but I know not everyone does. Last week I told you about my new pink coat from Add to my Wishlist. Last Wednesday… View Post

Bright pink coat and cool t-shirt from Add to my Wishlist

The weather is lovely again, so Eric and I went to the beach with the dog. Photos without the dog were not an option, sir came over again and again haha. From Add to my… View Post

Colored jeans everybody is wearing right now!

The nice weather has started again and that is how my love for summer pants starts to rise again. This summer pants in all kinds of colors are completely hot and that’s why I have… View Post