Business casual outfit inspiration

During my internship I have to look businesslike, I call it business, here they call it business casual. It can be quite difficult to create a nice business outfit and therefore I share some outfits… View Post

Cute summery skirt with nice top

Last week I was with mom in Barcelona, where I bought a skirt at the Zara and new shoes at Toni Pons. When I returned to the Netherlands I found a shirt of in… View Post

My Barca ready outfits

Perhaps you have already seen it on Instagram, but I have worn a lot of comfortable clothes in Barcelona which looked great too! That’s why I like to share all the ins and outs of… View Post

Never enough pink

Some girls like it, while others hate it. Pink clothes, I love them, but I know not everyone does. Last week I told you about my new pink coat from Add to my Wishlist. Last Wednesday… View Post

Bright pink coat and cool t-shirt from Add to my Wishlist

The weather is lovely again, so Eric and I went to the beach with the dog. Photos without the dog were not an option, sir came over again and again haha. From Add to my… View Post