Bubble tea – drink of the moment

Many new things are coming to the world these days, also bubble tea. A drink you should drink. Bubble Maze invited me to come and enjoy the bubble tea experience and I’m sure, this drink needs to be more known.

Bubble tea

Bubble tea

Bubble tea is the national drink of Taiwan, but it is also very popular in other Asian countries. The drink is made with milk, ice tea, fruit syrup and tapioca balls. Tapioca balls are made from cassava and don’t have much taste and are tough.

You drink bubble tea with a big straw so you can also drink the balls. Many celebs have been spotted with this drink and there are a few places where you can buy this. For example Bubble Maze Arnhem.

Bubble Maze Arnhem

Bubble Maze Bubble Maze

My boyfriend and I went to this place together and we both like it very much. We don’t come to Arnhem often, so that was also very nice. I had a strawberry mango bubble tea with all the kind of bubbles I could choose and Eric had the chocolate cookie milk.

You can find Bubble Maze on the Jansplaats 18, a street somewhere in the middle of Arnhem. Visit their Facebook page to see all the updates and to give a look at the menu.

Bubble Maze (and tea) and me

Bubble Maze Bubble Maze

I really enjoyed my time and drink here. We had a nice bartender who liked to talk to us. Also, the interior is awesome to take pictures. It reminds me of an American Milkshake Bar, which is very cool. The tea is not very healthy and filled with sugars, so I won’t drink this daily, but it tastes very good and that is great. Also when you are hungry this is a good thing to drink because when you finished your drink, the hunger will be gone.

When I am in Arnhem I would like to visit this place again and have another drink.

Have you ever drunk bubble tea in your life? And what do you think about Bubble Maze? Let me know in the comments!!


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