How I made blonder hair with citron water

the summer is coming and with the summer your hair gets lighter and lighter. I love what the sun does to your hair, but this summer I wanted something else. I have always liked hair which is lighter at the bottom, so I made this myself. Read here how I did this. Read here how I made blonder hair with citron water.

It all started when I was lying in the sun, I felt the sun on my skin, so good. When I walked into my house to get myself a diet coke I saw a citron. I knew exactly how I wanted to make my hair lighter. All natural, I like to do things on my own more than going to the hairdresser. So this was what I was going to do.

How to make blonder hair with citron water?

You have to mix the juice of 1 citron with the same amount of water and put it into a sprayer. Make your hair wet by spraying the water into your hair. How more you spray the lighter it will get. When you have enough water in your hair, go into the sun and let your hair dry. When it is dry, in like 30 minutes, you can wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner is important because the citron and sun will make your hair dryer and we don’t want split hair. The longer you stay in the sun, the lighter your hair will be.Blonding with citron water

How I did my hair

If you know me, I don’t look on the internet before I do anything, but I’ll look after. So I saw half a citron, I squeezed it and put it into my hair. I went back to the garden to enjoy the sun. Not much later I saw not all my hair was covered with the juice, so I wanted to do it over. But this time I was a bit smarter and I looked on Google how I had to do it. So I squeezed a new citron and mixed it with the same amount of water. I put it into a drinking glass and put my hair into the glass.

When everything was wet enough I went back into the garden to let it dry. I repeated this steps until the water was all in my hair. I spent the rest of the day in my garden and when it got colder I took my shower to wash my hair.

What do I think

I like the result, my hair doesn’t feel dead at all, which is great. I want my hair lighter, so I have to repeat this steps I think. If this doesn’t work I have to ask my hairdresser to light the bottom of my hair. I have always liked this at other people and this summer I want to have it my own.

What do you think of lighting your hair with citron mixed with water? Have you ever tried to light your hair in a natural way? Let me know!!

Read here the benefits of drinking citron water every day.

Xoxo Emma


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