Beautybox time with Styletone

Last week I got a beauty box at home from Styletone. It is a really nice beauty box and I am glad I could receive this box for the first time. Every month has a different theme and the beauty products in the box have something to do with the theme. The theme of this month is the power woman, which is a really nice theme.

The thing I love about beauty boxes is the gift, for a low price you get a box filled with nice products which you don’t know until you opened it and all the products in the box are more expensive than the box itself. The thing I really like from this box is the magazine with product information, I have never seen this in another beauty box, the quality of the magazine is good and the products information is interesting and nice to read, not boring at all.

A thing I really like about this beauty box is the mini magazine in the box, in this magazine you can read everything about the products, which is really nice.

What’s in the box? A lipstick, a lip liner, nail polish, hand creme and a mask.Styletone box 1

Hand cream – Ziaja coconut

A hand cream is a thing I use a lot during the winter because my hands are so dry when it gets colder. I use a lot of hand cream so I cannot get enough. This one is different from the others I use, because it smells a bit like a bounty and your hands feel a little bit fat after you put it on your hands, you can also use this as a hand mask, I always do it before I go to sleep, because then I don’t use my hands anymore and it gets enough time to dry. Every morning I wake up with soft hands, which is really nice. So I like this hand cream as my sleeping hand cream because it is wet for a long time I cannot use it during the day, or you will find it on everything.

Normally this hand creme is €2,99. I think this is a very nice price for this cream because it is really nice and it works as a good hand mask.

Mask – Cailyn mummy whipping bubble cleansing mask

This mask is amazing, my skin was not before I used it and I had to apply day and night cream every night so I could use some foundation or otherwise you would see my dry skin, but when I applied this mask on my face and removed it, my skin was so soft like a baby skin and a few days after it, it is still really soft. First I removed all my makeup, after that, I put the sheet on my face and in a few seconds it was on my face and it didn’t fell off. I felt some bubbles which have a weird but nice feeling. After like 3 minutes I removed the mask from my face and I made a ball of it and with that, I made massage moves on my skin. After that I cleaned my skin with water and dried my face, I put some night cream on my face and my face felt like a real baby.

You can buy this mask in packages of 4 masks for $28,- it is only possible to buy it with dollars. I really loved this mask, but I think it is really much money for a mask and the shipping costs are really high $27,- to Europe. Which meant you will pay more than $10,- for one mask.

Lipliner – Lord and Berries; lipstick Tini Beauty

Above you see me wearing the lip products. I have never used a lip liner before, but I knew from youtube video’s how to apply it, it was really easy to do, only the lipliner was harder than I thought it would be. The colour is really nice and it fits good with the lipstick. The lipstick feels nice and creamy on the lips and not sticky, which is a must in my opinion for a good lipstick because it has a creamy. The lipstick stays good on my lips for the whole day, which is really important to me.

The lipliner is €18,- which is a lot of money, but the quality is really nice. And the lipstick is €18,- which is a great price for this lipstick.

Nail polish – Meeki

The colour of this nail polish is really nice, brown with a glitter in it which looks really pretty. I which I could try the nail polish itself on my nails, but I always have gel nails and that’s the reason why I cannot try it. I opened the bottle and the texture is nice, not like water and also not syrupy. So the nail polish is easy to apply on the nails, the only thing I cannot say to you is how long it will stay nice on your nails.

The nail polish is €9,- which is a cheap price for a good nail polish.

Yay or nay?

I think this Styletone is a yay, the products have a value of €75,- without shipping costs and the box is for Dutchies only €12,50 and for Belgium only €15,- which is much cheaper. Next, to that, they full the box with really nice products. A thing people may not like about beauty boxes is that they pay for things and they don’t know what they get, which is true, but you can also see it as a present for yourself because when somebody else buys you a present you also don’t know what you get. The products aren’t tested on animals and they designed the box and the magazine in a nice way. I love this box and I hope you liked reading my review about this.

What is your favourite beauty box and which article would you like to try? Tell me!

Xoxo Emma


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