Beautybox time with Styletone #3

I’m back after like a week, I had the flu and couldn’t do anything. But here I am with a new blog and with the January box of Styletone.

This box is as good as the other ones, amazing products again, some brands I knew, but most were new to me and I love to explore new brands with this amazing box.

Here you can see all the products of this month and the theme of the month is goal digger. This because it is their birthday month and they want everybody to reach their goals, big or small. They hope these products make you feel better and give you a bit extra energy. Well, I think we can use all a bit extra energy.

Mascara – Emité

This is the long lash waterproof mascara, I am not a big fan of waterproof mascara because it is hard to remove it from your eyes with normal makeup remover. But I have to say that I love this mascara, and maybe I’m a bit lazy because I remove my normal mascara under the shower only with water haha. But this mascara makes my lashes beautiful. I applied it two times, one normal layer and when I finished my whole look another layer. Which looks really great. Result at the end of this blog.

You can buy it on for €22,-

Lipgloss – Evelyn Iona

I’m a total lip gloss freak, I have so many of them, haven’t even tried them all, but I love this one. It has a creamy structure and feels so nice on your lips. During winter my lips are always broken, but you don’t see it through this lip gloss which is a good thing. And another good thing is that it doesn’t destroy my lips more, but take care of it. It feels creamy but not sticky, which is great because I hate sticky lipglosses. And this colour is just perfect. The name of the colour is Lise. Nice fact about this brand, they only use ingredients you can eat.

You can buy it on for €20,-

Active serum – Figs and Rouge

This serum hydrates the skin of your face, which is useful in the winter, many people have a dry skin thanks to the cold weather. The colour is transparent so you won’t see it on your skin. It is a nice serum which is lovely on your face and it is a good base for your foundation. I always use a day creme or serum under my foundation to make it look more natural. And I will use this one more often, but it dries really fast, so you shouldn’t wait too long because when it is dry it doesn’t work for a natural look anymore.

You can you this at for €38,40

Lip and cheek stain – Seraphine Botanicals


Some colour on your cheeks is always a good idea in a colourless winter. The colour on my hand is the colour without blending, on my face, it doesn’t look that orange/red. It is creamy and feels nice on your lips and cheeks. It is really easy to apply, and also easy to blend. Blend just with your fingers. It gives a natural colour and I love it.

You can buy this at for €21,-

Fan brush – Bellapierre Cosmetics

I know this brand from the December box, the glitters were from them. Also in that box, I got a highlighter and this brush is perfect to apply that highlighter. It feels really soft. I love this brush, it works easy and you get the good amount of powder on your face instead of being a disco ball.

You can buy this at for €20,-

Look, discount code and my opinion

My look is natural, but I love it. The total amount of this box is €121,40 which is a huge price, but you only pay €12,50. So it is a great deal. The products are amazing and animal cruelty-free, vegan and paraben free. I love the magazine with product information and this time we also got postcards, so I can send postcards if you want one comment it in the reactions and I’ll send you one haha. Interested? Buy yours at and if you order for 3 months of more, use the code emmagoals to get an extra look for your face or skin with a value of at least €40,-, it is a surprise which one you get, but I think it will be amazing.

Xoxo Emma


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