Beautybox time with Styletone #2

I also got the December box, and I wanted to share this lovely box with you and I have some a nice surprise for you at the end of this blog. The first time I got this box was in November, click here for the November box review.

Styletone box December 2017The box is really nice, it has a nice little magazine with tips, product information, the social media pages and more, and most important it is filled with nice products. I didn’t know any of the brands, so it is also a good way to explore “new” brands.

The theme of this month is Sparkles and Champagne which is a nice theme for the December month with parties, where glitter and glamor are nice. And these products and help you to make a glamorous glitter look.

Lipstick – Lookx no. 70Th

This brand is new to me, I read in the magazine that is a Dutch brand and that it takes care of your winter lips. The color is warm, it is a combination of pink, red and brown and it has some glitters in it. The lipsticks feel nice and creamy on my lips and I love to wear this lipstick. The color stays on your lip which is really nice. And that’s a good price for a lipstick.

You can buy this lipstick on for €15,75.

Highlighter – City Color

I love the highlighter, only I need to be more careful when I put it on my face because the first time I looked like a clown. I still have to buy a good highlight brush. And the brush on the picture is an absolute disaster in bringing highlighter on your face, maybe normal for an eyeshadow brush but okay. The colors are nice, they have a lot of pigment in glitters in them, but not too much. I like it and I will wear it more often after I bought a good brush.

Price €5,49 which is cheap for makeup and I love it so that’s amazing. You can buy this at

Lip Balm – Beauty made easy

Lip balms, I can never have enough of this amazing products and I’m always trying to find the best. These lip balms are awesome, they make your lips soft and smooth, they have a nice flavor and smell and they look cute in their box. The pink one tastes sweet, a bit like strawberry and sugar, maybe that explains the name Sugar Shock. The orange one tastes like vanilla and I love vanilla, the name of the orange one is Sweet Flame which I don’t understand, but okay.

You can buy this at and for €8,90 which is not cheap for lip balms, but they are worth it.

Cosmetic glitter – Bellapiere Cosmetics

The brush works nicely with this glitter to bring it to your eyes. I like cosmetics glitters, do you know these amazing lipsticks on Instagram from MAC, that Instagrammers use this kind of glitters. You can do nice things with it, for example, but it on your hair, all over your face, use it in your nail polish, lip glosses you don’t like. But be careful while you put this on your face because when it comes to your clothes you don’t get it off that easy.

You can buy this at for €12,99

Oval brush – Styletone

You already saw the brush in my other pictures, the hair is really soft and that’s a good point. It works really nice and it doesn’t damage your eyeshadow. It lies nicely in your hand and you can make nice things with it.

You can buy it at for €9,95.

The products have a value of €53,08 and you only have to pay €12,5o if you are from the Netherlands and €15,- if you are from Belgium. So that is a great deal. Next, to that, you don’t have to stay home because the box is small enough to go through your postbox. Bad thing, I read on Facebook that many of the highlighters broke during the shipping.


When you order your box with the code: emmavsparkles you will get a 6th gift for free, which has a value of €15,95 this is only possible until 31 December, so hurry up and buy your box. The box is really nice so you won’t regret it. It is €12,50 for the Netherlands and €15,- for Belgium, you can buy it at

My look

Here you see the look I made. I applied over the lipstick the lip balm for a special effect, I used the middle highlighter on my nose, cheeks and chin and the left color on the corner of my eye. I used the brush to apply the glitters on my eyes. As a base, I used my normal products like mascara, normal eyeshadow, foundation and bronzing.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Xoxo Emma


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