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The days getting colder and starts so early dark. With this changing weather, we need to take care of our skin and with these winter must-haves, you will have a great skin during the winter.

What do you need?

The most important things to have in the winter are fat things for your skin.

– Face cream
– Body lotion
– Hand lotion
– Feet cream
– Lip balm or vaseline

I also love to have a small face creme and a small hand creme, this because it is easy to put in your bag.

What do I use

Rituals hand cream

The texture of this hand cream is thick and fat, but it makes your hands so soft and after a small time the fat is gone and your hands are soft and feel nicer than before.

Eos lip balm

My lips are so easily broken during the winter so I need to use a good lip balm. The lip balms of Eos helps me with having better lips during the winter. Next, to that, they smell awesome and they also taste good. When I need to scrub my lips, I use the Dior Sugar Scrub. This removes dead cells and makes your lips very soft.

Nivea creme

I will use the Nivea creme for the winter, did you know that many of the ingredients in this are the same as in the creams of La Mer? For me a good reason to buy this cheap creme. This creme is trusted for more than 100 years now and I know this creme from my grandma, she always uses it. It makes your skin very soft and that is what I want in the winter, it feeds your skin with things it needs, like aqua and other good things.

Body lotion

I don’t have a body lotion I use the most, I just use what I find the first. We want the skin on our body to be soft and hydrated everywhere so we also need to use a body lotion to make the skin on our body soft. I also use my body lotion as feet lotion, apply a thick layer on your clean feet and wear socks. Your feet will feel great after it.

What are your must-have winter items? Let me know!!


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