Awesome shirts of

Recently I received 2 gift shirts from I took pictures of these shirts in London and I will tell you all about them. Maybe you know from the quotes that they used to… View Post

Fit goals #7 with detoxshop tea

In March was the last fit goals so a new update was time again. I march I enjoyed the Herbalife breakfast that I received from Barbara, last month I used a detox tea from… View Post

Carbon Coco, does it really work?

A shiny smile through Carbon Coco, this is what I was promised when I got these products at home. I had to try that myself. I got a powder for the evening and a toothpaste… View Post

Guilty pleasures | Baker’s Dough

Sometimes you have to pamper yourself and you can do better with something that is really tasty. Baker’s Dough recently launched a new guilty pleasure and I have tasted it. It is the create-it-yourself waffle.… View Post

Trip to Paris

Small holidays, big holidays, I can not get enough of it. With the Ascension weekend, we were in Paris. A city that I can not get enough of. This time we cycled and did a… View Post