Holiday in Milan and Venice

Italy is a country where I like to come, to ski and to spend the summer. We had a whole road trip in mind, but it was a bit different because of the time. This… View Post

Travel outfit at Blautopf

I finally got my driver licence and to celebrate that we went on a road trip to Milan. Our first stop was in the university city Ulm, nearby this city you find Blautopf. A beautiful… View Post

Revlon foundation from

Online makeup shopping can be difficult, you don’t see the product so it is harder to make a good choice. Online makeup webshops are doing it great, also I could choose a foundation from their… View Post

The way you should style the classic short

Last week I shared a post about a look with a classic short. Today I share some more outfit inspiration with you, but with a different pair of pants. I have two of my favorite… View Post

The truth behind the giveaways of Elsa & Rose

That not every contest is fair, we all know that, but Elsa & Rose Swimwear makes it a very special thing. That is why I like to reveal to you the way in which these… View Post