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    Sometimes I want to spoil myself with some nice things and last Tuesday I had that kind of moment. I bought a new Louis Vuitton bag, one I wanted for a long time, a small one. In May I’ll go with my mom to Barcelone for a few days and a small bag is easy with that. And since Tuesday I can call myself the proud owner of a Favorite PM. 

    What’s in the bag?

    In the bag, you can find the Favorite PM, a popular bag of Louis Vuitton and I saw that. I wanted this bag earlier, but it was sold out, but Tuesday I found it. I had the last one which you could find in Amsterdam, sorry girls.


    And this is the box, not very different from the other boxes I have in my house, but nice to add.

    Louis Vuitton Favorite PM

    Bag: Louis Vuitton | Top: Pieces | Jeans: Tommy Jeans | Shoes: Isabel Marrant | Belt: Hermes

    Sorry for the way to long talk, you came to my blog to see my new bag and this is it. The cute little bag which is hanging over my shoulder. My wallet won’t fit in it, so I need to buy a small one, not one of Louis Vuitton now, but a cheaper one. Later I will buy a small Louis Vuitton wallet, but first I have to save some money for my holidays.

    Just like the other Damier bags, this bag has a bright red inside and the favorite has a small bag at the inside, which is a bit too small for the iPhone 7, but it is good enough to put your money in. You can only close the bag with a magnet, which is not very safe, so I have to be careful in a big city. The price was a bit like a shock because it is only €30,- less than what I have paid for my Speedy – the bag I normally wear at my pictures – it is €630,- and that is a big amount of money for a small bag.

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    What do you think of the Louis Vuitton Favorite?


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