Amsterdam with the Jamin Choco Letter Bar, Mama Kelly and more

As you probably know, I love Amsterdam. I cannot visit it often enough, so Wednesday I specially went to Amsterdam to design a chocolate letter at the Choco Letter Bar of Jamin. But I did more things, you can read all about it here.

Choco Letter Bar – Jamin

Jamin asked me if I would like to create a chocolate letter at their chocolate letter bar. So I went to Amsterdam with the letter I got from them and made a nice letter. Well, you can say what you want and how you want it and someone who works there, make it for you.

My toppings are Stroopwafel (Dutch cookie), Oreo’s, mini marshmallows and white chocolate and as finishing touch some silver glitters. It has to be a glamoures letter of course.

Lunch – Lavina 

Healthy hotspots are my favorites and this one is right in the city center of Amsterdam. The street doesn’t have much, but the Lavina itself is great. It has great food, I had the smoothy bowl and Eric took the banana pancakes, both delicious. Also, the vegan chocolate milk is great, they putter ginger in it and that’s great with chocolate milk.

The prices are good and the food was delicious. A few weeks ago we went to Sue a sugar-free place in Rotterdam and Lavina sells their food, funny thing. The cakes from Sue are great, so if you want to eat a cake in Lavina, you have to try theirs,

Dinner – Mama Kelly Amsterdam

A place, everything is pink, this is the dream place for a girl right? Well, Mama Kelly made in Amsterdam a pink restaurant. But it is much more than only pink. You can eat there great as well. They make awesome chickens and lobsters, but also delicious other things. It is not cheap, so take your card and enough money with you, but you will have a great evening, with amazing food.

We started with a Flammkuchen with herb spread and a steak tartare to share. Both were amazing. After that, I had half a lobster citron and wild spinach and Eric had a BBQ chicken. The lobster was awesome, just the way I love a lobster. The chicken was great too, I tasted a bit and it was so good. Also, the dessert was great, I had a cheesecake (not so healthy) and a Pink G&T and Eric had a cookie ice cream thing with a Margarita cocktail (or something like that).

The food was great and the restaurant looked amazing, I can eat here every day… I need more money I guess.

Soon more about what is in my Hermès bags ;).

What do you think about these places? Have you ever been here? Let me know!!!


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