Adore: Coloured Lenses

Adore gave me some coloured lenses to try and write a review about. I really love coloured lenses, but much of them don’t have a correction in them, adore does and that is a great thing. It is only a problem when you have a cylinder because they haven’t that correction.

Everybody knows this beautiful actors and actresses with the most amazing blue eyes, you have ever seen. Most of the times this is fake and they wear coloured lenses, but does these things what it promises? Does it look the same in real life as on the pictures? And can you see well through this lenses or is the correction from bad quality? Continue reading to find this out.

Here you can see the difference, me with the lenses and me without the lenses. Left is with the lenses and right is without. What do you think? Awesome or no go?

Dare Aqua

I wear Dare Aqua lenses which are €39,80. I choose blue contacts because my normal eye colour is blue and you pick, for example, brown lenses it looks fake, and I don’t want to look fake, it has to look natural.

In my opinion, the lenses have a great quality of correction, normally lenses with colours are not good with this. I tried them at home and at school, my parents, my friends, nobody noticed the lenses. It sounds maybe weird to you, but this is a good thing because it means that it doesn’t look fake.

How to apply the lenses?

Not everybody wears lenses as often as me, so I thought it is maybe useful to tell this. At first, make sure your hands are clean. Only water is enough because if their stays soap on your hands it can hurt in your eyes. Put the lens on your forefinger and make sure it is on your finger like a bowl. Avoid nails or sharp things because they can damage your lenses. With your other hand, you make your eye big, use your thumb to press your lower eyelid down and your forefinger to press your upper eyelid up. Bring the finger with your lens to your eye and put it in the right place. Wink a few times and the lens is in your eye.

How to remove the lenses?

Wash your hand, bring your forefinger to your eye on the place where your lens is. Put your finger on your lens and move it to the corner of your eye when it there and you are able to grip it, do it and put it in your box. Do some lens liquid with your lenses and you are done.

My opinion of the lenses:

+ They have a high-quality correction in their lenses.
+ The colour I tried looked natural.
+ They are really kind.
+ They ship worldwide.
+ Shipping is free unless you want it within 3 days.
+ You can use them for 3 months (normal lenses are only 1 month)
– I don’t know where you have to fill in the correction you want.
– If you don’t use lenses you have to buy a box and liquid for it.
– They are (just like normal lenses) expensive.
– Only 1 correction for 2 lenses.

Xoxo Emma


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