A summer makeup look

Last week was a perfect summer week in the Netherlands, this week absolutely not. But that doesn’t change the fact that we can bring the summer on our face. With the right makeup and colours, you can give yourself a summer look.

The best colour around the eyes.

For every eye colour, you have to wear another colour around your eyes to make the colour shine more. For blue eyes, like I have, the best colours are brown, gold and champagne. For people with green eyes, you can wear colours with red in it. People with brown eyes can wear grey, purple and dark blue for the best result. And people with hazel coloured eyes can wear olive green, gold and bronze for the best result.

So now you know how you can make your eye colour brighter for the summer. But we also have lips which need a good colour.

The best colour for your lips.

For every skin colour, there is a different shade of lipstick. If you want to shine this summer with your total look, you need to choose the right lipstick as well. People with a yellow colour in their skin should choose for pink, light coral colours and orange-red coloured lipstick and should avoid brown colours. People with blonde hair with a cool undertone, like me, should wear pink colours like raspberry and fuchsia. People with a warm undertone should wear warm colours, reddish, chocolate and red-brown are great for you. If you have dark hair and a white face, purple and red are good colours for you. At last for people with brown hair and a brown skin, you should wear chocolate, plum colours and red.

Now we know the right colours for our skin and we can put the makeup on our face. I created a look based on this colours. As a lipstick, I used the Dior Addicted number 260. The eyeliner I used is from Chanel, number 66. My eyeshadow is from the mini pallet of Smashbox in brown colours, same as the bronzer I put on my skin. And the blush is from Beebee cosmetics.

Did you know wearing much makeup in the summer is bad for your skin? Read about it here.

Xoxo Emma


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