5 Reasons why you should drink citron water

5 reasons to drink Citron waterDid you already have some time to enjoy the good weather? During the hot days, it is important to drink much water. I always have some trouble with this and I have ended up in the hospital, because of dehydration. This is very bad for your body of course, so I hope this will never happen to you. Citron water is one of the things I used to drink a lot during the hot days, but there are more benefits than only a better taste.

How to make citron water?

In the morning, before you eat something it is the best to drink the juice of half a citron with some water which is not cold, but also not hot. During the rest of the day, you can put slices of half a citron in cold water. If you like you can add mint or some frozen citron juice.

5 reasons to drink Citron water

1. It helps you lose weight

Citron water gives you the feeling that you are not hungry, this because there are pectin fibers in a citron. Next, to that much people don’t know the difference between a hungry feeling and a thirsty feeling. If you drink a glass of water there is a big change that you are less hungry. Which is good to lose some weight.

2. It is good for your resistance

Citrus fruits like citrons have many vitamin C and calcium in itself. This is good for your resistance, it improves your Immune system. Calcium gives your stronger bones, improves your brain action and nervous system and it is good for your blood pressure. During hot days this is very important because your blood pressure will be lower than usual. This is the reason why you should eat salty things, but you can also drink more citron water. I think your kidneys will like that too.

5 reasons to drink Citron water

3. It is good for your digestion

When you drink a glass of lukewarm citron water it is good for your digestion. You need to drink it on an empty stomach. This is also something you have to drink when you want to detox yourself. Because with this drink you can clean your body from the inside. A good thing it makes your tummy look less bloated, so you look slimmer.

4. It is good against acne

 It makes the inside clean, which has a positive effect on the outside of your skin. There are some beauty brands which put citron in their products, but you can also put it on your face. Or just drink enough citron water.

5. It tastes so good

This is the most important one for me. I am not a drinker, not in water, not in juices or soda’s in nothing. So if I have to drink a lot this is a problem for me. When I have a drink I like it is easier to drink, so it is better for my body.

What is your opinion about citron water? Do you like it and/or will you start drinking it every day? Let me know.


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