12 Beauty hacks with coconut oil

Coconut oil is that healthy oil to cook. People say it is much better you use this oil instead of butter or a vegetable oil. But you can do so much more with coconut oil? I share some of the best beauty hacks with you.

The beauty hacks:

1. Body lotion
2.Makeup remover
3.Massage oil
4.Night cream
5.Hair mask
6.Body scrub if you mix it with sugar
8.Teeth whitening
9.Reduce astronauts
10.Shave foam
11.Natural deodorant
12.Hand cream

What have I tried?

I cook most of the time with coconut oil and when I cook with it, it alway comes at my hands, so I use it as a hand cream and when it is too much I put it on my arms. It makes my arms and hands soft, but you cannot grab things off a few minutes because it will get oily.

coconut oil beauty hacks

What will I try?

From today I will use coconut oil daily so I can share the results with you next week.

I really want to know how easy you can remove makeup with coconut oil, is it also that easy with waterproof makeup?

And don’t we all want whiter teeth? I know this costs a lot of money but coconut oil makes them white people say. I need to try this to believe this is true. Why have the dentists who white teeth still a job if we can write our own teeth this easy?

Coconut oil as deodorant sounds interesting, right? Well, I want to try this but only when I am a weekend or something alone to make sure nobody can smell it. I am scared to test it, but also very curious, so I’ll test it and let you know!

I understand that you can use it as shaving foam because it is oily and makes your skin soft and with that the hairs. I have to say I never use shaving foam because I always use hair conditioner which has the same effect.

What I won’t try

Hair conditioner, seriously by putting this oil in your hair you cannot tell me your hair doesn’t look oily after it. My hair looks oily very fast, so I don’t want to try this to see how it becomes. I think when it looks oily after washing I have to wash it dozen times with normal shampoo.

I understand the other things, but for you, I want to try them and let you guys know!

What do you think about this hacks? Let me know in the comments!


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