Emporio Armani 7 Performing With Style

Emporio Armani 7 is an Italian fashion brand, I am for the holiday in Italy. And lucky me, the Emporio Armani 7 ski lounge was in our village. So as luxe life lover, I had to go there and I had to do the things they offered to do.

Emporio Armani 7 ski jacket

During the morning I could wear an Emporio Armani 7 jacket. I really love this jacket, it is stylish, with fur on the back, gold and much more glamoures details. This is an ultimate jacket for a glamoures skier. And guess what, I wanted to be that skier. I am luxe life lover and this is a jacket specially for a luxe life lover, expensive but very stylish.

I whore this black jacket with with pants, white is not an easy colour during the ski day, because it gets dirty very easy, but it looks good. And I whore my scarf from Tommy Hilifigner.

Emporio Armani 7 ski clinic

At 11 a.m. I did a ski clinic, we went skiing with a teacher, so told us what we could do to improve our ski skills. After she told me what to improve they made a video, so you could see on video what you do wrong. At the end, you get an USB in a bracelet to take the video back home.

I made my video at the ski race, I am not a racing person. But you could win a watch and much more nice things. So I had to do the race, hoping I could win a watch. After I did my race, I watched back up and I saw all those locals, so I don’t think I won any of the prices we could win.

Lounging place

This is the place where we could chill. Here we drank our free cup of tea and we watched the movie with the teacher.


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