Easy everyday makeup look

Do you know that problem, you don’t want to leave your house to go to school or work without wearing any makeup, but you also don’t want to wake up an hour earlier to apply it. Well, this was the kind of problem I had, yup, I am kinda lazy. But I found a solution!!

Makeup product flatlay

Pencils: Leco | Bush: Too Faced Peach | Mascara: Monsieur big – Lancome | Lipgloss: Dior | Bronzer: Warm matte – Smashbox

Don’t want to leave without makeup

I really didn’t want to wake up earlier because I want to wear makeup while I go to school or work, but I also didn’t want to leave the house without any makeup on. The summer was coming, my skin tanned and the red spots were gone, the perfect moment to stop with foundation and bronzer. But the summer became winter and the low temperature made the red spots on my face come back, my skin felt naked. But I didn’t want to wake up earlier for a bit makeup, so I found a solution.

Makeup product flatlay

My solution

In the beginning, I left the door with much makeup on my face, but I have changed that to only a bit bronzing powder, a blush for on my eyes and sometimes for the normal places, mascara and a bit lipgloss. When I have some red spots I correct them with some green (!) fixing powder. This saved me a lot of time every morning, and when I found out my blush pencil was even big as my eyes, it went even faster. Put some blush on your pencil, apply it on your eyes and with one move your eye is covered with it. Great right?

Easy makeup look

And how do I have to do that?

1. Apply some green fixing powder on every red spot and blend it with your finger.
2. Apply bronzing powder over your whole face.
3. Apply with your blush pencil some pink blush on your eyes and on the parts you want to have some blush.
4. Apply mascara.
5. Apply your favouriteĀ lipgloss.
6. You are ready to go!

With this 5 easy steps, you can be ready in 5 minutes, well, if you are the same as me.

What do you think of this easy makeup look?


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Ik maak elke dag een wing, anders voel ik me niet compleet! Voor de rest hou ik het ook simpel!