I putted a candle in my ear

During this holiday I did ear candling with my mom. We wanted to do something special and unusual in the massage room and so we did, we put a candle in our ear. Yes, a real candle sounds scary right. Well I know, and the beginning was very scary but we did it and it was quite nice.

My experience with ear candling

I was scared at the beginning because they put a candle on fire in your ear. The massage lady started to massage my head and after that, she turned around my neck, I was scared because I know the candle had to go in my ear now. When it was in, it was not like what I had expected. The candle was soft and I didn’t feel the heat.

After a few minutes, the  candle started to make some noise. I cannot explain what kind of noise, but it sounded weird like something is getting out of you and gets burned. When the first one was done, my second ear got the treatment, this was not that scary anymore because I knew what to expect.

After like 30 minutes the treatment was done, the ladies cut our ear candle open so we could see what’s inside, as you can see it is really disgusting, and it is just in your body, iehl.

What did the ear candle for me

At first, my ear was clean, nothing was in it when I checked it with a cotton stick. The candle got it all I guess. My brother told me I talked not that hard anymore, but quieter. This sounds weird, but also my parents recognized it. And also when I run my way around the island I couldn’t play the music as hard as the day before. My ears got hurt. On the internet, I read about this but didn’t really believe it, but it was true. How great?!


We paid €8,- each for the treatment here, but in the Netherlands, in our city you to pay like €60,- for the same treatment, that’s why we tried it here.

If I have ever problems with hearing I will do this again, even in the Netherlands for the higher price. I love the results.

Have you ever done this or any other creepy beauty treatment? Let me know!


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I have heard about this technique but I have never tried it….