Cozy socks from Soxs

Cozy socks from Soxs

Cozy socks, who don’t like it? Well, I love cozy socks pretty much. When I saw these beauties in a store, they are from Soxs, I had to buy them. It looks like they are made of goats wool, but from the wool of New Zealand’s sheep. I wear this socks always when I am at home, some people wear slippers at home, and I wear this socks.

The brand is Soxs,  this is a brand who only use natural materials, but that doesn’t mean they are hard or itching, no, the socks are really soft. And so hot during this ice cold winter months. It is the same formula as Uggs, hot in the winter, cold in the summer. Exactly how every sock has to be.


The labels of Soxs are in many different colors, I chose the black one, but you also have them in pink, orange, blue and red, and maybe much more. Which is cool, when I buy a second pair I want to have the pink one. I don’t think it is able to buy them if you don’t live in the Netherlands, but you can ask them on email, their address is

Sock stop

In the store, they put some sock stop on it. I really like how that looks, so I have bought it too. But I’m scared to use it because I don’t want to ruin my socks. I would like to write love on one sock and a heart on the other. But I’m sure when I do that my socks doesn’t look this nice anymore. They sell sock stop in much really nice colors to make your socks look nice. I did it with one cheap fluffy sock and it looked nice, and it really works. You cannot skate on the floor of your house anymore haha.

You may recognize this socks from my former blog post: Celebration day: Sinterklaas. I promised to make a blog about my socks, well after 2 months, here it is.

Xoxo Emma


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