City trip to Lyon, France

With one of my friends, I went on a surprise trip to Lyon, a beautiful city in France. We saw culture, had good food and walked a lot. We had a great time and I’m going to tell you everything about it.

Day 1, shopping and food


We went with the plain from Amsterdam Schiphol to Lyon Airport. I woke up around 4 in the morning and a bit later I was in the car with my dad to the airport where I met my friend. We checked in our stuff and we walked into the flying space, we thought we could do some shopping in that place, but we weren’t in that part of Schiphol which was not very nice because we didn’t know what to do, haha.

Around 10 our plane landed and we could go to the city center. We took a train and in like 30 minutes we were in the center, at the first bakery we saw, we bought our breakfast. We only had one problem, the people didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak good French. But we survived.

We went into some shops like Sephora and the Zara. In the Sephora, I bought some amazing stuff which I will show you Wednesday. And after that we took we drink at a lovely place in the sun to enjoy the sunshine. Around 4 pm we went to our hotel to check in and to clean ourselves from the long journey.

For dinner, we went back to the center and we ended up in a very good Italian restaurant. After dinner we went to an amazing cocktail bar, named Redwood, I forgot to take pictures, but it really was amazing. They had awesome cocktails which were all new to me, but the price was high, the cheapest cocktail was like 10 euros.

Day 2, culture, robbed and more

After a short night, we woke up to explore this beautiful city. Our plan was to visit some churches for the culture, drink red wine with chocolate because Lyon is famous for that and we wanted to go to Part Dieux, the biggest shopping mall in Europe.

We take a breakfast from a bakery, we wanted a bakery in the sun, but that was very hard, so we ended with our baguette at the street. We walked through all the expensive stores and saw a beautiful fountain. We visited the Louis Vuitton shop because it is my favorite French brand and we entered the M.A.C.

Cathédrale Primatiale Saint-Jean

This was the first church we visited, a gorgeous one. Before the first, first picture, you see a very old part of the church which is a ruin now. The church was very high and big and there were lots of candles. I lighted one for my grandfather and his brother. I didn’t take photographs from the inside because of respect for the religion and the saints.

Notre Dame de Fourville

Behind the Saint-Jean you will find some stairs which will lead you to the Notre Dame. A church on the mountain with a great view. The way to the top was not very easy but it was good for our not so healthy day.

When we reached the top we could see the entire city and a great church, but the inside was even more beautiful. Colours, gold, and painting where everywhere and again I didn’t take pictures. On a square, we lunch and after that, we went with the metro the Part Dieux to shop, at least we wanted to.

Part Dieux, stolen wallet

We really needed to use the bathroom so that was our first stop, but when I came out of the toilet I couldn’t find my wallet anymore, we searched through my bags, but nothing. We decided to go back to the restaurant to ask if they had it, but they hadn’t.  Somebody in the metro must take it out of my bag. We had to go to the police station and that was 1.1 kilometers away from us, again we had to walk the stairs. After the walk, we reached the police station, again a place where English was just unknown words. A lady helped us translating everything and we had to till in some papers.

We were tired of everything and went to the hotel, way too late we left the hotel for dinner and at the first place we saw we took some pasta. After that, we went to a wine bar, but nobody ordered what we wanted, so we went to the McDonalds and ended in our bed with diet coke and a chocolate brownie.

We had a great trip unless my wallet and I feel love for Lyon, only they need to learn better English, haha.

My look

Grey jeans, Hilfiger Demin, top Vogue Nederland, Jacket and belt  Vero Moda, Shoes Adidas, Glasses and brown bag Louis Vuitton, Small bag Valentino

Easy classy and comfort in one look is the best for a city trip.

Have you ever been to Lyon or will you? Let me know!


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Joandi Loes Tholen

Ik heb een jaar gewoond in Lyon, dankjewel om mij er nog eens aan te doen herinneren hoe prachtig het daar is.


Looks like a wonderful place to visit! I would love to visite France


Wat leuk om te zien. Wij hadden hier vroeger altijd een overnachting als wij op vakantie gingen naar Spanje.


Frankrijk sprak mij eigenlijk nooit aan, maar toen ik naar disneyland ging, gingen wij met de bus daarheen en zag veel mooie plekken. Wie weet dat ik daar eens op vakantie ga


Wat een leuke plaats zeg! Ik ben er vroeger wel eens op doorreis geweest.

nicole orriens

Looks like you had a great trip, with lovely weather. Great pictures!

mieke | mieksmind

In Lyon ben ik nog nooit geweest. Parijs wel 1x maar daar zou ik nog wel eens terug naar willen


Wij zijn er vroeger heel vaak langs gereden toen ik nog kind was. Maar ik ben er nog nooit geweest. Deze plek gaat zeker op mijn lijstje. Wat vervelend van je portemonnee zeg!

Marion Stam

Ik heb wel genoten van je foto’s.


I have never been to Lyon, by definitely on my bucketlist after seeing your photo’s and reading your blog

Panty Buns

Your photos taken in Lyon, France are spectacular! They would make wonderful postcards! It’s such a shame that someone stole your wallet, but the rest of your visit to Lyon looks amazing!
I have never been to Lyon. In fact I have never been to your side of the Atlantic Ocean (I’m from the East coast of the United States, in Long Island, New York), but I enjoy seeing your side of the pond through the your wonderful photos!


Ik ben pas in parijs geweest en wat is het mooi daar