Christmas, what to wear?

Christmas, what to wear?

Hi girls,

Do you know the feeling of buying Christmas clothes? It starts with not knowing what to buy and when you are in the shops and you see all those clothes, you think, should I buy something that I can wear one time and after that, it is in my wardrobe and it is just lying there. I totally hate that, so that’s why I decided to write this blog. I will give you some advice aboutlooks with Christmas clothes, which you can wear all winter.

Glitters are really nice for Christmas, think about silver and gold. You can give your outfit some details in silver or gold but chose one of this colors and not two because that is not really nice.

Put it in details, like on your nails, on the pictures, you can see my nails, I put many glitters on it for a Christmas look. I really love painting my nails with colors and glitters etc. and in my opinion, you can put as much on it as you like. So make your nails as Christmas as you like, for example, you can also make Christmas trees on it or starts or whatever. On the internet, you can find many nail art tutorials.

The nail polish is from Opi and I used a gel topcoat from Dior.

You can also wear a fillet like my dog on this picture, it was so hard to take that picture and I think you thought it was boring because, look at the right picture, he is yawning. But this can make a normal look a Christmas look and it is not even expensive at all.

Scarves, as you already noticed I think, I really love scarves. Last year I bought this silver scarf and when I thought of writing this blog, I thought about this scarf and I noticed that it is a silver scarf which you can wear at Christmas. It is a nice detail and you can wear a scarf like this all winter because I didn’t even buy it for Christmas.

The brand of the scarf is 10 days, I bought it last year so I don’t it is still available.

Okay now we spoke about the details, but not at the look itself. Black is a color I wear much at Christmas because it looks good with all the nice details we spoke about. If you only do your nails or use a fillet, make sure you put for example some glitters on your face, use a glittery eyeshadow or cosmetic glitters. You can also buy a glittery shirt or skirt which can be really nice. A few years ago I bought a glitter skirt and I still love it as Christmas look. To complete your look, wear some nice heels. And you are ready to shine.

At Christmas, I will write a new blog about Christmas fashion, but then you will see my look.

Xoxo Emma



  1. fashionablefitgirl
    7 January 2017 / 9:29 pm

    Very cute nails

  2. Amina -
    24 January 2017 / 12:49 pm

    Hahahaha, die diadeem bij je hond, zo cute! Mooie nagels! Was het maar weer kerst 😉

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