Xmas presents with my blog friends

Together with some of my blog friends, we do some nice things during the year. We went to Amsterdam and Den Bosch and with Christmas coming we wanted to do something else. So we decided to give one person some presents.

And so we did. I had to buy some presents for Joyce, read here what she got. Samantha bought some nice things for me and I am very happy with it. You can see down here what she bought for me.

The presents

I could pick up the box at the neighbors and a few days later I could finally open it. The first thing I saw, was the nice look of it, the pink glitter paper, the golden envelope and the lights and the white garland. I was happy before I even know what was in the package.

Underneath the Christmas Tree

Christmas presents have to be underneath the tree, so I moved all the presents to there. More glitters in the house, sorry mommy. It looks very pretty those glittery presents underneath the three right?


Natuurlijk moesten de pakjes ook nog worden uitgepakt. Ik begon als eerste met het lezen van het kaartje. (De foto is achteraf gemaakt)

De cadeautjes

And then I could unbox everything. I love oatmeal and this book is filled with oatmeal recipes so I love it. I am going to make some delicious things which I find in this book and I will share my favorites with you. Oats are still my favorite breakfast.

Need some breakfast inspiration? Read here about the best oatmeals, baked oats, and other delicious breakfasts.

Next, to my oats addiction, I am also a teaholic (is that even a word?), so giving me tea is always a good idea. Samantha bought me some cupcake flavors and some normal ones. I am really curious about the cupcake teas. With the tea, I got some biscuits and I can tell you they are delicious. At last, I got some pink pearl, I love pink and I love pearls so this gift is great.

Thank you, dearest Samantha, for the amazing gifts.

Curious about what the other girls got? You can read it soon on their blogs. Tessa, Celine, Merle, Charlotte, Silke, Nicole, and Annemae joined this Christmas present party.

Did you already get some nice Christmas presents?


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