Chanel n.5

Chanel n.5

Hey girls,

I got this perfume of Chanel when I bought something in the store, and my first thought was, why are they giving me a sample of a perfume which is nice for my grandma? But I knew they made a new version op Chanel n.5 so I decided to smell it instead of throwing it away.

So I did and they changed the smell so much that it is actually nice, it is not for your old grandma anymore, but it is special for us, the younger people in this world.

Do I like it so much that I will buy this perfume, well the answer is yes, the only thing I don’t like about it perfume is the price, I have that problem with like all the perfumes I like, because they are all so expensive. The big bottle is €135,- and that is a lot of money.

The smell in my opinion is a little bit sweet, but not so sweet that it is for really young women. And I smell something like powder makeup, but it has a nice smell, and at last I smell flowers, really nice flowers which you can find in this really big houses who have flowers like on every table in their house and they have like a million tables.

Here is a video of the commercial of the new n.5, I have to say that I really love this commercial. The thing you see in every picture or in this commercial is “you know me and you don’t” which I like, because everybody has two sides and the second side of the most persons is the side you don’t want to show, because you are not proud of that side.

I hope you liked to read my opinion about this perfume, if you did, give this blog a like 🙂

Xoxo Emma

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