Celebration day: Sinterklaas

Celebration day: Sinterklaas

Hi girls,

Today (5th of December) we celebrate Sinterklaas, it is a Dutch celebration day, special for younger children. Sinterklaas is a sweet really old man, which give presents to all the people in the country. He comes with a boat from Spain to the Netherlands and he get help from Black Petes. He stays approximately 3 weeks and then he returns to Spain. During these weeks little kids can put their shoe before a fireplace and they have to sing a song. They also put some carrots, sugar, a wish list, drawings and things like that in their shoes, for Sinterklaas and his horse. And on the 5th of December we celebrate his birthday, then he gives us a lot of nice presents.

Sinterklaas doesn’t exist anymore, he was a saint which give poor young woman money to marry. He was born in Turkey and he died on the 6th of December. But the tradition will never die.


I have had a nice present evening (that’s how we call it) and I got some really nice presents. I didn’t know what to ask, so my parents and grandparents had the hard job to find some nice presents for me, and they did it great. Around 4 pm we started to eat some nice things, sweet you eat during these weeks. It is a kind of cookie, but then really small, if you are in the Netherlands come and eat it, the name is Pepernoten (if you translate this it would be Peppernuts, but there is no pepper in it). After we drank some tea and coffee we started with the presents, I started with a present for my dog, and he unpacked it with his teeth, it was so cute.

I got really nice things, goat woolen socks, which I want to badly, because they look fab (blog about this comes soon) with some fluid sock stop so I can draw on it. A small beauty bag for in your bag with lipgloss, hand cream, makeup remover, nail remover, a nail file and much more beauty stuff. Chocolate with weird flavours, a lighting cable with pineapples, some other lipglosses a giftcard of a beauty store, a nice little clock and some more small things. So if you don’t know what to ask for Christmas, maybe you have some ideas now.


After the presents, we had a nice dinner, with gourmet. What is really nice in my opinion, we had delicious winter meat with sauces and pears and apple compote, some veggies and cheese for on the bread. And of course we drank some wine with it. On the red napkin you can see the things Sinterklaas wear, it is a miter and a golden staff.


And here is just a picture for the fun, because my dad liked to decorate the dog and that looked cute haha.


I hope you liked this blog.

xoxo Emma


  1. Amina - I'mFG!
    19 December 2016 / 1:01 pm

    Die lange sokken, die wil ik ook nog kopen, zoooooo mooi! Leuke foto’s Emma, echt een heerlijk avondje zo te zien!

    • 19 December 2016 / 9:38 pm

      Ja was erg leuk! Ze zijn wel duur die sokken, maar ze zitten echt geweldig!

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