Bloggersmeeting #2 Den Bosch

During the summer I met this girls from my bloggers group for the first time in Amsterdam. Last week I met them for the second time and we went to Den Bosch this time. We had a great day, we started with Bossche Bollen, we had lunch in a great restaurant with a very nice waiter, ate a Brabands Worstenbroodje and we saw the city, but most important, we had a lot of fun all together.

Around 11 o’clock we met at the Central station of Den Bosch when we all arrived, we walked to Jan de Groot to eat the pastry from the city.

Bossche bollen at Jan de Groot

I already have been here a couple of times, a visit of Den Bosch is nothing without being in the best Bossche bollen bakery.

A Bossche bol is a pastry from Den Bosch, it is a huge profiterole covered with a dark chocolate layer and filled with whipped cream. The ball is like 5 inches.

I had my ball with a cup of tea while some of the others had it with hot chocolate. Just what you like because you can drink everything with it.

We had a great time in the bakery and of course, we had to wait a long time before we could eat, first, we had to make the perfect picture of our food and that takes time.


Visiting a city without shopping is like the same as not going to a city, at least, when the city is small and if you are a girl/women. We saw servral shops, like Hudson’s Bay, I have been to the Hudson’s Bay in Amsterdam and in Rotterdam, both suck in my opinion, but the one in Den Bosch is much better. Of course, I had to try some weird things.

Lunch at Nomnom

The name is great, right?! Well, this restaurant had much more than an awesome name. It had one of the nicest waiters of the world, his name is Bram. When we came in, we put all our cameras on the table, and he asked us a question about it. After that we kept talking, he used to be on a television show named The Next Boygirlband and he vlogged for a while and now he wants to restart vlogging.

We all ordered the same drank because they told us it was an amazing drink to take pictures of, so we had to order it. As lunch, we all ordered something different. I had gluten free toast with humous. Healthy and so delicious, humous is one of the best foods on toast next to peanut butter.

We asked Bram (the guy in the picture above) where we could buy the best worstenbroodjes in town because a visit of Braband also is nothing without a worstenbroodje. A worstenbroodje is bread filled with meat and Braband is famous because of that food. He told us we could have the best ones at La Place, so later we went there.

Brabands worstenbroodje at La Place

We made an end of our day in La Place with a drink and for three of us with a worstenbroodje. It tasted very good, I don’t know if it is the best one because I only have eaten one but this one was great.

I really enjoyed my time with this girls. I really want to thank Merle ( for all the beautiful outfit pictures she made. And I want to thank Celine (, Annemae ( and Nicole ( for the fun we had together. I had a great time with you guys.


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