Blackhead masks

Blackhead masks

Hi girls,

This time I want to tell you something about the blackhead masks, I have searched around the internet and I found some products which helped me writing this blog.


I was in this really cheap shop and they sold really cheap blackhead masks, so I decided to test them. I have paid 1 euro of it. When I came home I tested them, first I had to clean my skin so I did that, after that you had to make sure your nose is wet so I did that, then you could place the mask on your nose. When the mask is dry you can remove it, that was after like 15 minutes, I looked into the mirror and nothing changed. At the back of the box, they said: “For the best result you have to use it once a week.” So I thought, ok let’s give it one more change. So the week after that I tried it one more time and I did what they told me to do, but still nothing has changed on my nose. This mask doesn’t work for me.

I googled a bit on the internet and I found a blog of two Dutch girls, who made their own blackhead masks. So I thought, hey that’s pretty nice and so I also did this. The ingredients are pretty simple, white glue on water base and one capsule of Orbit. I went to the shops to get it and made this mask, when you make this at home, make sure you use enough glue because it won’t be a normal liquid if you use too less of the glue. Also put enough glue on your nose, because you won’t get it off your nose if you use too less.

The feeling is pretty weird, but the glue I used smelled good and not like normal glue. I was not really nice to put it off and when it was off, my nose felt really soft, I walked to the mirror the see the result, all the hair around my nose was gone, but nothing else changed. I still haven’t found a product that works.

So when the result was still nothing changed I walked to the city center and went to the beauty store. I walked in and asked for a way to remove blackheads, they said they have the best product for it, it is named GlamGlow Super Mud. I saw it and the price was like $69 USD and I thought, wow that’s pretty much. I googled it at home and saw many celebs use it, celebs like Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Aniston but when I looked more on the internet I only found a bad review, more acne, irritated skin and much more bad things. I wish it was cheap enough to buy it and test it on my own.

When I was on google I found one last tip, use a great scrub and rinse your skin twice a week with it, use a good daily cleaner and rinse your skin twice a day with that. Just the normal thing to rinse your skin, all the other things may sound nice but everything I have read was bad about it.

What are your experiences with black head removal things? Please let me know!

Xoxo Emma

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