Betrayed by my ex-boyfriend via web WhatsApp

Hi girls, today I won’t share any of my usual posts, but one which is way more personal. This one is about what my ex-boyfriend did to me and I want to warn you because it is so easy and I don’t want this to happen to you. As you probably know there is a possibility to use WhatsApp on your desktop, named web Whatsapp. This sounds amazing, but is it?


This is the only way I use WhatsApp, on my iPhone, but some people use it on their computer or laptop. It is nice that is it possible, but not for everybody. I am a person who is not happy because of web WhatApp and I am going to share my story.

What my ex-boyfriend did with web WhatsApp

I’ll start the story from the day I find out. Since a while, he knows things from me, and I didn’t understand how he could know these things. When I asked him he said people told him. I didn’t understand why they told them, but I never asked. I mean he was my boyfriend that time, he had to speak the truth right? This was the reason why I started doubting my friends, I didn’t know who the person was, who told him everything. So I stopped telling my friends things, just in case so I was sure he didn’t find out.

By the time we broke up I told in a group chat with my friends that he made my life into a nightmare. Not much later he said he never wanted to do that. The only thing I thought was “know can you know this?”. He told me he wouldn’t tell who told him. But after we broke up, he continued. I had a personal conversation which a guy and not much later his girlfriend send me a text, she knew about our conversation. The guy later told me that his girlfriend knew it because my ex-boyfriend had told her. I was like, how is that possible, I didn’t tell anybody.

The scariest thing was when I wanted to go the bbq of the student association of my friend. I said on Facebook I would be there and I thought I was on Facebook he would be there too. I got the mention: “reminder: you have 3 events with *** and 3 other friends.” I read it wrong and thought he would be there, so I said it to my friends. Not much later I saw a post on Facebook saying he would be there too.

 How I find out

When I went back home with the train, I wanted to choose a new background. But instead of touching the right button, I touched on web WhatsApp. Where I saw “last active today on 3:18 PM, started in ***, Mac OS”. I never used web WhatsApp and after we broke up, I haven’t been in that city. When I found out, I was so angry about it, but it explained it all. I made a screenshot and after that, I clicked on “log off from all computers”. This was the reason why he knows everything, nobody told him, but he read it himself.

Could I have known this?

When I went to web WhatsApp to find out how it worked. I had to scan a QR-code and so I did. People told me when I log in I need to get a notification on my phone, but I never did. How easy? Web WhatsApp never logs off unless you log off, so when you install many internet applications you can connect many phones. For example, when you use Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari you can connect to three phones. Ask someone if you can borrow their phone, scan the code and you can read everything. Sounds like a good thing right? Give it you a safe feeling that everyone can do this so easily when they have your phone?

Is this what we wanted from this function? To not feel safe anymore? I really hope this will never happen to you. Thanks for reading my story and don’t hesitate to share it with others so they are warned too.

Because of private information, I placed ***. People who know him, know him. But I don’t want others to know his name, for his safety. I hope he read this and he thinks about what he has done because this is something that a normal person would do.

Be careful with web WhatsApp! Xoxo Emma

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Thanks for the warning! I use Whatsapp on my computer and I never realized this!


Goed artikel, maar ik vind dat jij niet moet praten met een jongen die een vriendin heeft. Niet helemaal fear. Al had hij jou leuk gevonden, dan had hij geen vriendin gehad lijkt mij ;). Les voor de volgende keer, praat niet met een jongen die een vriendin heeft, logisch dat je eigen vriend (ex) dan wantrouwen heeft in jou! Verder nogmaals, goed artikel en een goede les voor iedereen.


Wat vervelend dat je Ex dit deed Emma.
Heel goed dat je dit verhaal verteld. Oppassen met dit soort dingen idd. Ik gebruik zelf ook regelmatig whatssapp op mijn laptop. Ik hou dit nu zeker in mijn achterhoofd.


This article is so nice 🙂 thanks for sharing! I didn’t know that We must be very careful