Best holiday beauty looks

Christmas is coming and I am so excited about this. But we have to do more than just wearing some nice clothes and cook great meals right. Our makeup and hair have to be gorgeous as well. Especially for that, I share some great makeup and hair pictures to inspire you for a beautiful Christmas look.

Christmas makeup

Glitters it is because Christmas is a glamorous party. Never enough glitter, or… well you can also put too much glitters on your eyes, so better not do that. I only share some eye looks, because if your eyes shine, your mouth has to be subtle. Keep it simple with your glitters and colours, just as you see in the pictures. You won’t be a Christmas clown and you will look stunning.

Which makeup look are you going to make?

Christmas hair

Having the same hair thing as always is a bit boring for Christmas, don’t you think? Well I love to be a glamorous person on Christmas. Well I love to be it every day, but on Christmas I have a very very good reason to be glamorous, so I love to be a bit more glamorous and that is why I want to do more with my hair than usual. This means something special, the pictures below (not a tutorial, couldn’t find nice ones) are great for the Christmas days. I hope you are good with your hair, or you mom, best friend, sister or someone who is nearby with Christmas is good enough to make this hair.

Hard to me a choice right? Lucky us we have more than one Christmas day a year. Which ones are you going to make?

It is so hard for me, but I will use some glitter on my eyes, a natural brown lipstick on the lips and some highlighter and stuff on my cheeks. For my hair, I want something special with a ribbon just as in the picture. I hope I can find a ribbon like that somewhere before Christmas. Pictures of my Christmas beauty looks will be on my Instagram on Christmas.


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