Beebee Mattique lip gloss

Beebee Mattique lip  gloss

Hi girls,

I got from three amazing matt lip glosses from Beebee cosmetics. And in this article, I want to tell you more about the amazing lip glosses.

You can get one off this amazing lip glosses for only €1,- at their site, you can choose a colour and if you like the lip gloss you can buy the other one with the discount code you get with your lipgloss.

Thank you @makeupactie for my 3 beautiful colours! Want one? Go to and choose the colour you want for only €1,-

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Here you can see the three different colours.

The lip gloss is mate, but not when you bring it to your lips, you have to dab with a tissue and so you make the lip gloss matt. If you don’t want to have a matt lip gloss you don’t dab, but the problem is when you don’t you will find the lipgloss on everything you put your lips on.

When you have dry lips a matte lipstick or gloss is not the best for you, because it will dry your lips more, when you want to wear a matt lipgloss use a toothbrush to remove the dead cells on your lips, it can burn. After that use enough vaseline and let it on your lips until it’s gone, after that you can use the matt lip gloss and your lips will feel soft. Dry lips is a sign that you don’t drink enough so if you have dry lips make sure you drink enough and this will solve the problem.

Here you can see the colours on my lips, picture left is the darkest colour (shade 1) in the middle you see the middle colour (shade 2) and on the right picture, you can see the darkest shade (shade 3). Which one do you like the most?

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Next week you will find a fashion blog and I’ll make more fashion blogs soon.

Xoxo Emma

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