Beauty shoplog Sephora and Colour Pop

Sometimes you need to treat yourself in a cosmetic store and so I did in the Sephora when I was in Lyon, and on the website of Colour Pop, I share my newest goodies with you.

Colour Pop

Colour Pop shoplog

I heard many bloggers about a brand named Colour Pop, I also knew it from makeup tutorials, but I have never bought it. When one of my friend bloggers told me Colour Pop had a sale I had to buy something to see if I like it. So I bought three lipglosses, well I bought two and I got one for free. And because I had spent enough money I could choose a gift, the eyeshadow.

In like a week I found my makeup, bought on the internet, at home. I had never bought makeup online without testing a colour, so I was kind of nervous to see the colours. When I saw one of my lipglosses, my first reaction was, “wow this one is a bit too purple”, but when I made a swatch on my hand, it was not that purple, lucky me.

Colour Pop lipglosses

Colour pop lipgloss swatch

The colours from left to right, Finder’s Keepers, Echo Park and 951.

It took a bit longer to dry than I knew from other brands, but when it was dry I couldn’t remove it with just water. Which is great, because this means it will stand on your lips for a long time. And I can see it does. The colours look very good and that is great because this means I can buy more on the internet.

Colour Pop eyeshadow

Colour pop eyeshadow swatch

The eyeshadow is very glittery and pigmented, which is great, but I don’t think I will wear this to school or work.It is more an eyeshadow for parties and things like that. The colour is great and different from the other colours I have because normally I wear brown and other natural colours. Pink is a colour which is in fashion to wear this winter on your eyes, so maybe in a few weeks, you see me only wearing this eyeshadow haha.


Sephora Shoplog

When I was in Lyon I had to buy something at the Sephora store, we don’t have one in the Netherlands so I and my friend had to visit it. I bought three masks, one for my hair (I didn’t even know a mask like this exists), one for my hands and one sheet mask for my face. I also bought a blush from Too Faced because I loved the heart too much, oh and it is also great for a subtle eyeshadow. When I am ready to use my masks I will tell you all about it.

What are your newest beauty goodies? Let me know in the comments.


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Wat een leuke items heb je gekocht! Vooral die glossjes zijn echt prachtig! <3


Wat een te gekke makeup goodies, nog nooit wat van dit merk gebruikt! Ga het zeker eens testten.


I haven’t bought anything in a while! 😮


I love sephora!!!!!!!

Blog En Beauty

Ik vind vooral de lipglosses erg mooi.


wauw heerlijk die producten! Zo jammer dat ze in NL geen sephora hebben!


Ik weet dat colour pop dierproefvrij is en daar ben ik best wel benieuwd naar.


Toevallig heb ik laatst een heel fijne nieuwe lipstick gekocht. Kan niet zonder!


I love the colors! Great shopping. To bad we don’t have a Sephora store in NL


Dat ziet er mooi uit! Ik was vorige maand nog in de sephora


ooeh leuke aankopen gedaan!
Die color pop is echt wel mooi zeg, wauw


nicole orriens

I don’t use any make-up at all. So I don’t have any beauty goodies.


Wat voor water gebruik jij als je die Utra satin lips er gewoon vanaf kan halen? :’)